Color Mix Exploration

We did a little impromptu color mix paint work  the other day that ended up in some independent mixing exploration.  This was a clear reminder to me that it’s the process, not the product that counts.

We started out with two ramekins of liquid watercolor paint: one yellow, one blue.  I had cut various sizes of circles our of watercolor paper and they painting them yellow and then mixed in the blue to make – to TalTal’s surprise – GREEN!

They had fun magically turning their circles green.  Then TT took it further and designed some circles on a full sheet of paper and then mixed colors of her own choice to fill in the circles.

Some circles turned a brown mess and some turned beautiful shades of purple.  This was a fun project that led to self exploration.  You could continue and do more circles that portrayed the whole color wheel and then make a poster or a color wheel mobile.   


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