Intermission: Thailand

So I’m obviously a blogging rookie.  My complete absence was due to an amazing trip to Thailand with my husband.  Yes, just my husband.  It was like honeymoon 2.0.   I figure I ought to use best practices and explain the large gap in posting.

While there, I fulfilled one of my life long bucket list items: riding an elephant.  I think it came from the million times watching Annie as a kid, but I’ve ALWAYS wanted to ride an elephant.  In Thailand only 5% of the elephants are still wild.  They were domesticated as working animals to aid in logging.  However, in the last several years logging has been outlawed in an effort to preserve their jungle.  The elephants have been reinstated as tourist attractions.   I’m not clear on whether the elephants simply can’t be placed back in the wild or they just aren’t.  Unfortunately, many of the elephant ranches do not take great care of their animals.  We were very fortunate to have found an great touring outfit that give their elephants good care.  We even were able to help bathe the elephants in the morning in the river with the Mahout (elephant trainer) and then ride bare back all the way back to the ranch.  An incredible experience!!!

Anyway,  it’s now back to normal around here and the beginning of summer.  I am looking forward to getting back to buzzing and humming with my girls.  We have a whole summer of fun creative goodness coming up.


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