About Jennifer Harbour

Most consistently, I am a mother of two awesome little girls and wife to my incredible husband.  I am also an art educator and teacher.  I live in Washington State with my family and have enjoyed being home while my girls are young.  However, as I start to wade my way back into the working world I am so interested in the discussion about art and creative intelligence for our children.  Whether it’s from a teacher or parent perspective, I want to know how we can bring art to our kids.   Some schools are lucky enough to have an art teacher, but many are not so fortunate.  I feel passionately about the importance of developing a child’s creative mind and am curious about how we can bring art to children through all kinds of avenues.  Here are some ways I have found to provide creative experiences for my kids and others’:

– developed and ran a art group at my home for children ages 0-6

– Taught K-1st grade art

– Constantly work on having some sort of creative practice for myself

– Teach an online Art Education Methods course for local college

– provide a variety of materials and opportunities for my kids at home to explore their creative intelligence

– Taught 4th and 5th grade and incorporated art into all areas of study



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