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Wall Drawing

My youngest daughter, TalTal, is a wonderful artist.  However, asking her to sit down and make something doesn’t always inspire her.  She’d rather flit around and be drawn in by inspiration rather than a planned activity. So, I plastered the wall with mural paper.  Actually, it’s butcher paper from Costco.  I leave various drawing/coloring utensils out on the floor: crayons, pens, markers, chalk, dot painters.  If you had a drop cloth set-up you could even add collage to the paper with glue and various collage items: feathers, magazine pictures, beads, noodles, you name it. 

Now, look at her go!!

We’ve now done this several times.  TalTal can hit the drawing wall whenever the mood strikes.  Sometimes we have all taken turn drawing pictures that connect to each other and make up a story as we go along.  This is a really wonderfully fun pre-reading activity.



Inspiration: Baby Spiders!

It’s funny how somedays you can work so hard to find something that will inspire the kids to get going creatively and then- WHAM- they hit the nail on the head all by themselves! It’s so exciting to see!

Yesterday, we were outside playing hopscotch when TT noticed a crazy looking spider web.  We leaned in closer and realized it was filled with baby spiders.

Can you see them?  They are tiny little things.

Immediately, TT jumped back inside and grabbed her markers and clipboard to draw the site.

TalTal was also struck with inspiration and drew a wonderful picture of “a guy”.  Not sure where the inspiration came from for that one, but I don’t really care.  It was a great looking “guy”.


Sewing: Pillows

TT has been really into sewing lately. She has a new book that we are totally loving: Sewing School: 21 Sewing Projects Kids Will Love to Make.

We’ve been working just on staying straight and sewing nice and smooth.  If we stick to projects with short, straight lines she can do the sewing portion by herself.  She has been working hard on making pillows and blankets for her American Girl and other stuffies.

For this pillow we decided to design our own fabric.

We used:

cheap white cotton fabric from the discount bin

Fabric Markers

Sewing Machine (of course)



I pre-cut the amount of fabric needed and then the girls used the fabric markers to create their fabric design.   I threaded the sewing machine and then TT did the sewing.  We folded our fabric in half and TT sewed her little straight lines leaving one side open for stuffing.  We then stuffed, sewed up the last side and snuggled up with our new creation!