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Cardstock Puppets

We have had a dreary spring.  Lots of rain and chilly, chilly days.  So…..we made puppets and pretended we couldn’t see the outside gloom.

This dragon was cut out of two piece of cardstock and then taped together.  For this one I did the cutting, but TT could certainly do simple puppet cutting herself.  We used craft sticks for handles and then pulled out various knicks and knacks for making our dragons spanky.  TT tore pieces of tissue paper and glued into the mouth for teeth.  I just loved that detail.

We used tissue paper, cotton balls, buttons, scrap construction paper, feathers, dried pasta for designing our puppets.  The girls used yarn for hair on their people puppets.  I helped with the basic cardstock shape, but then gave girls free reign with supplies to design and decorate their puppets.  Older children could certainly design their puppet shape as well.