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Art Group: Picasso Faces with Shapes

During the past two summers I have hosted an art group for my girls and some of their friends.  The ages range from 3-6.  This year we started off by looking at Picasso faces and discussing the cubist idea of making pictures with shapes.

You can use this site to learn more about Picasso!


School Glue

Pre-cut shapes out of various papers, fabric, foam (if you are with older children they may be interested in determining and cutting their own shapes)

Pre-cut head – I used card stock for sturdiness

Buttons and/or any other item that would lend itself to creating pictures with shapes

I had pictures of Picasso faces for them to look at on the table while they worked.  The kids used the shapes to collage together a face.  Our kids liked to make sure all the body parts were in their rightful position.  But it surely would be like Picasso if they explored mixing it up a bit similar to Picasso.   For younger children it helps to guide their thinking with questions like: What shape would work for the eyes?  What else would a face have?

Our older ones took to an animal theme and made cat and dog faces.  cool!


Color Mix Exploration

We did a little impromptu color mix paint work  the other day that ended up in some independent mixing exploration.  This was a clear reminder to me that it’s the process, not the product that counts.

We started out with two ramekins of liquid watercolor paint: one yellow, one blue.  I had cut various sizes of circles our of watercolor paper and they painting them yellow and then mixed in the blue to make – to TalTal’s surprise – GREEN!

They had fun magically turning their circles green.  Then TT took it further and designed some circles on a full sheet of paper and then mixed colors of her own choice to fill in the circles.

Some circles turned a brown mess and some turned beautiful shades of purple.  This was a fun project that led to self exploration.  You could continue and do more circles that portrayed the whole color wheel and then make a poster or a color wheel mobile.